When talking about wisdom, there are many different definitions and interpretations. Some people believe wisdom is based on their own experiences or the experiences of those around them. Without Christ, the idea of wisdom is based on and limited to these experiences and will change and fade. In the life of a follower of Christ, the definition of wisdom does not waver. It has been predetermined by its True Author. Wisdom is defined by what God says in His Word and is based on the person of Jesus Christ. It is dispensed by the person of the Holy Spirit and is something to exercise in everyday life. 

In 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16, the apostle Paul provides a synopsis of where the wisdom of God comes from (Christ and Him Crucified) and who reveals His wisdom to His people (The Holy Spirit). He notes that the source of wisdom, Christ, and the Spirit of Wisdom are to impact all aspects of our lives.

Below is a chart that unpacks the concepts of wisdom and how they impact various aspects of everyday life. The degree of wisdom varies from a person who does not have Christ all the way to a person who submits to Christ, His Word, and the Holy Spirit.