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NEW PODCAST SERIES: The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry

I’m incredibly excited to kick off a series of podcast episodes I’ve been working on for quite some time called “The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry.” Several years ago, I began writing and collecting notes as I watched people struggle in ministry for different reasons and faced struggles of my own.

Sadly, over the years, we have all seen people in high-profile positions end up disqualified for various sins and struggles, and whenever a ministry dies, I think it’s important to do an autopsy. Not with a spirit of sinful criticism, but to look at what happened, look to God’s Word, and ask the question, “What happened?” We need to heed the wisdom and warnings we find because those of us who want to lead others to love Christ don’t want our lives, our ministries, or our influence to be derailed by sin that’s neglected.

That’s why I want you to join me over the next seven weeks for this series. I have become convinced that there are a handful of deadly sins that, if left unchecked, can bankrupt, derail, and disqualify a person from leading in ministry. And there is too much at stake when it comes to our churches, the body of Christ as a whole, and even those who have yet come to know Christ not to take what is going on within our own hearts and lives seriously.

Both the Introduction and Episode 1, where I talk with guest Dr. Jamie Dew about a sin that derails men and women in ministry all the time - subtle pride - are already available. You can listen to “Living Worthy with D.J. Horton” on your favorite podcast app or find it HERE.