Pastoring to the Wedding Alter

One will hardly hear a sermon on marriage without the pastor pointing out the divorce rate inside of the church and how it differs little for those outside the church. Of course there is desperate need to help heal broken marriages. I am convinced, however, that our greatest defense against unhealthy marriages and divorce is […]


The Flash Hunt

Turkey hunting is about patience and confidence. You have to be confident that no matter how long you’ve been calling, listening, walking, hiking, wading, and sometimes crawling, just around the next bend your entire hunt can change. Likewise, patience fights discouragement by reminding us that every hunt will not end with a trigger pull. With […]


Why I Don’t Drink

Preacher, is it wrong to drink? From time to time I get a single question from several different members on different occasions. When this happens I assume that the issue is obviously something on the minds of those whom I have the privilege of pastoring. Consuming alcohol is a perfect example of this. Almost monthly […]


Modest Is Hottest

Mom’s give standing ovations all the time. Ball games, piano recitals, and awards days are just a few events you will see mothers proudly jumping to their feet with shouts and applause for their child’s accomplishment. No matter how small or large, moms know how to celebrate the wins in our lives and their praise […]


You Can Have My Sermon Manuscripts

The national conversation has been dominated by the news out of Houston, Texas that Mayor Annise Parker’s legal team has subpoenaed the sermon manuscripts of area pastors. Her office has pushed a controversial piece of legislation called the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. As I write this article, the ordinance has passed into law and its […]

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