The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry Podcast Series Part 4: Sexual Sin

No one goes to seminary and envisions that they will take a ministry position only to find themselves disqualified because of sexual sin. And when you talk to those who have struggled and fallen in this area, they didn’t wake up from a vibrant walk with Christ, dealing daily with their sin, to suddenly have […]


The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry Podcast Series Part 3: Seeking Popularity, Prestige, or Prominence

If you are new to these blog posts, I am in a seven-episode podcast series called The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry. We have been walking through some of the most prominent ways men lose or destroy their ministries, not because we want to be sinfully critical but to help us all be sober-minded.  Today, […]


The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry Part 2: Struggling for Power

Being wise and strategic are needed skills for pastors and leaders, but manipulating people as a means to an end has no place in ministry.  Whether you lead a small, medium, or large congregation, whether you are a lay leader, or you simply want to be more effective for the Kingdom, you will need to […]


The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry Part 1: Subtle Pride

Glaringly obvious sins aren’t the only ones that can destroy our lives and ministries. There are also the sins that hide out subtly yet prove to be just as deadly, which brings us to today’s blog post. I recently sat down to talk with Dr. Jamie Dew, the president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, […]

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NEW PODCAST SERIES: The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry

I’m incredibly excited to kick off a series of podcast episodes I’ve been working on for quite some time called “The Seven Deadly Sins of Ministry.” Several years ago, I began writing and collecting notes as I watched people struggle in ministry for different reasons and faced struggles of my own. Sadly, over the years, […]

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5 Truths for Effective Kingdom Leadership

There is a common untruth that flows from the lips of many Christians. Perhaps you have even said it yourself. It is the lie of, “I am not a leader.” I hear this statement often. It typically sounds something like, “Preacher, I’m no leader; I’m a follower. I just want to serve and do what […]

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Is It Sinful to Ask God Why?

We all face times when we don’t understand what God is doing. Perhaps we lose a loved one, or we receive an unexpected and upsetting diagnosis. We struggle as we walk through painfully devastating circumstances. We don’t see life making sense, and even more discouraging, we don’t see God making sense. So, we look to […]

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Honoring Christ on Social Media

Let’s face it. Most of us are on some form of social media, gravitating toward a particular one depending on our personality. The creative love to share and collect ideas on Pinterest. Middle school apparently would not be survivable without Snapchat. Babies can’t be born without Instagram commemoration. Make-up and cooking tutorials and dance challenges […]

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3 Myths About Loving One Another

Loving others can sound like Christianity 101. It goes right along with all of the other things we learned as children about going to church-“Don’t run in church. Dress appropriately. Don’t hit people. Don’t bite. And love each other.” Easy. Or is it? In the book of John, Jesus says, “By this all people will […]

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Creating the Greatest Prayer List of Your Life

Prayer is one of those topics that tends to stir up feelings of either conviction or confusion in people. Some might feel guilty for not praying more but unsure if they are even doing it correctly. Others may wrestle with feeling inadequate, ineloquent, or ill-prepared. There are even those who deep down wonder if prayer […]

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