We know that act of showing up at church on Sunday morning matters, but does how we show up matter?

There are actually respectful ways men and women can submit to the leadership of the Lord each week at church, and I sincerely believe that living by a code of conduct creates stronger and healthier churches.

Read through this list and see if there are any areas you need to ask the Lord to help you grow in as you seek to honor Him in how you worship Him.


  1. Coming to worship not as an option when convenient but as a weekly pattern of one’s love for Christ, His body, and desire for growth through worship, fellowship, and preaching.
  2. Dressing in a way that is neat, clean, modest, and non-distracting.
  3. Arriving on time to prepare yourself for worship, respect your leaders, and those around you.
  4. Bringing and using your Bible as a sign of your respect for God’s Word, desire to learn, and example to others, especially your children.
  5. Minimizing the distraction of your smartphone.
  6. Bowing one’s head and closing one’s eyes in prayer.
  7. Genuinely singing during musical worship and attentively listening during preaching
  8. Being kind and warm to those you don’t know, and sincerely concerned about those you do know.
  9. Quietly and quickly leaving the service in the event you become ill, receive an emergency call, or have a restless or crying baby so as not to distract others.
  10. Remaining engaged and in tune with the Spirit until the service ends and you are dismissed.

Let’s offer God so much more than just our weekly church attendance. Let’s show up eager to worship and learn with hearts full of reverence.

Want a copy of this list to keep for reference? Download it HERE.